Pottebaum, Adkison Honored for Dedication

Posted by Mike Carrozzo on Nov 16, 2017 12:05:32 PM

Denny Pottebaum and Dan Adkison are known for being smart and successful, but that’s not why they were just inducted into the Ben Franklin Honor Society of Printing Industries of America.

They were inducted because of what they do with their knowledge. They spread it, with passion and commitment, to employees, clients, colleagues, supply-chain partners and even friendly competitors. For decades, they have carried with them an infectious mix of good sense and good spirit — always eager to sit down to discuss ways to grow the industry.

Now, it’s time to stand and applaud.

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9 Things to Know (In Order) About the Big Deal

Posted by Darin Painter on Oct 27, 2017 10:19:57 AM

By Darin Painter, editor-in-chief, PS Magazine

buzz during PSDA’s P2P Technology + Innovation Summit in New Orleans was the deal between e-Quantum Inc. and DemandBridge, the industry’s largest two software companies. The new company retains the DemandBridge name.

Since October 5, when the companies issued this joint press release, many distributors who rely on either system for client storefronts, e-commerce tools, digital asset management and back-end operations have expressed a mix of hope and concern. Their main question: What does the news mean for their company, and when will effects begin to take hold?

As an association, it’s our responsibility to report and analyze industry events with clarity that can help distributors grow — to provide the “why” behind the “what” whenever possible. In this case, it’s to push the conversation forward by providing context — to fuse together distributors’ questions and concerns with DemandBridge’s direction and plans.

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On the Importance of the Value Proposition

Posted by Sarah Scudder on Oct 26, 2017 1:17:11 PM

This summer, I attended a two-day executive sales training in Atlanta. The training’s purpose was to teach us how to hunt and close transformational deals – deals that many only dream of. Imagine your career skyrocketing to new heights. Visions of Elton John’s “Rocket Man” dance in your head. These are deals that transform one’s career and forever change the course of a company.

What did I learn at said conference? How to better write a killer value proposition that wins business and changes our company.

What did I already know about value propositions?

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Excitement, Hope (Even Some Sleep) from New Orleans

Posted by Barbara O'Connor on Oct 19, 2017 9:37:03 AM

I just returned from New Orleans and the P2P Technology + Innovation Summit. Going into the event, I was nervous. Those who know me know my nerves prefer to express themselves around 2 a.m. when I worry about an assortment of things — the vast majority of which thankfully never come to fruition. In this case, I was worried about moving P2P to a city with less of a drive-in audience, the impact the hurricanes that were wreaking havoc on Texas and Florida would have on our attendance, and how the new things that we were implementing would be received.

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Great to See CSRs Connect

Posted by Darin Painter on Oct 19, 2017 9:35:51 AM

Many end users view customer service representatives (CSRs) as their impartial advocates — the people who represent their best interests and understand their nuances better than anyone. A great CSR is an account sleuth, uncovering the client’s needs and headaches, and turning that information into solutions.

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New Member Spotlight: SinaLite

Posted by Carissa Degen on Aug 1, 2017 1:00:00 PM

In any industry, harnessing the ability to network is crucial to success. Relationships are of utmost importance to grow as a company. As a wholesale trade printer, SinaLite aims to please not only its customers, but its customer's clients too.

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Young Innovators: Connections That Mean Business

Posted by PSDA Headquarters on Jun 20, 2017 1:00:00 PM

PSDA's Young Innovators Conference brought together more than 50 of the industry's trailblazers and decision makers — folks hungry to improve their organizations and themselves. At the Grand Hyatt Denver, they asked each other questions, shared ideas, gained insight from professional speakers and had fun.

The event shined a spotlight on just how much the next generation of industry pros is fueled by innovation, technology and each other. Energized about the future, attendees discussed new ways to seize opportunities and improve their businesses. The Young Innovators Conference is the only event designed specifically for them.

"The ability to network and learn from others was outstanding," says Stephanie Page, sales and account manager at the Dallas office of distributor Regency Business Solutions. "We left with new sales ideas and other ways to increase our value to clients."

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