24 Tips for Selling Labels and Tags

Posted by Darin Painter on Oct 11, 2016 2:00:00 PM

If you sell labels and tags, or want to enter the market, check out these tips from distributors:

  1. Understand customers' true needs.
  2. Understand the equipment.
  3. Test the labels, then test some more.SeptemberCover.jpg
  4. Educate through showing.
  5. Study labels in action.
  6. Keep an eye on new technologies.
  7. Avoid complacency.
  8. Prepare to cost-justify changes.
  9. Invite manufacturers on joint sales calls.
  10. Provide custom label kits.

Manufacturers can help distributors succeed in the labels and tags market by providing technical expertise, sales and marketing insight and other consultation. Here are tips from several manufacturers that offer labels and tags:

  1. Get multiple samples from your customer.
  2. Focus on value instead of price.
  3. Use your personal relationships to your advantage.
  4. Sell beyond the product itself.
  5. Entrust your label vendors for technical knowledge.
  6. Discuss digital printing for multiple version jobs.
  7. Branch out to other label niches after initial success.
  8. Build trust with your label manufacturers.
  9. Look for leads in different places.
  10. Ask your client about difficulties with previous label orders.
  11. Cast a wider net when adding to your prospect list.
  12. Custom fit the right label to the application.
  13. Get an idea of your client's budget.
  14. Use sales tools that speak to your client’s specific industry.

Read the whole article in the September 2016 issue of PS Magazine

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