A Lesson from the PEAK Experts

Posted by Kelly Mantick on Jul 19, 2016 12:00:00 PM

RBO PrintLogistix has been around the block a few times when it comes to applyingBrad_2016.jpg for — and winning — PEAK Awards. In the past two years, this print and marketing solution provider has swept up the top award, as well as winning other, category-specific awards along the way. Brad Garlich, creative director at RBO, explains that, when he considers the PEAK Awards, it isn't just about who has the "prettiest" design or the most vibrant colors. Instead, he sees it as a chance to showcase the innovative solutions that RBO has created to help its client solve a big problem. Garlich shares how his organization has been so successful with the PEAK Awards and why they keep coming back for more.

Why do you keep coming back to the PEAK Awards?

The PEAK Awards offer a great opportunity to showcase the solutions that we have created for our customers outside of just a traditional print piece. What really makes a solution come together well is how comprehensive it is, and the PEAK Awards act as a nice case study for how we have been able to do this. Last year, we entered a promo kit for a car wash, and, sure, the design looked nice, but I think where the judges saw the value was that it provided a comprehensive solution. When we submit to the PEAK Awards, it's also nice to see a good solution validated.


What are some examples of new business you have gotten as a result of the PEAK Awards?

We think of pieces that we have used in our applications as case studies, and we have been able to use them as an example when talking to other clients. When we say we are a print distributor, that may not resonate with clients when it comes to understanding that we can cover the whole print spectrum  from creating the brand to controlling the brand and so on. The awards have certainly been tools that our account executives have been able to use to show our various capabilities.

Essentially, we are trying to ease the burdens of a typical marketing manager in the client company, and understandably so, because a marketing professional has a lot to juggle. We are always trying to "skate to where the puck is going" and anticipate where those needs will be. The PEAK Awards really show examples of where we have successfully pulled that off.

What advice do you have for individuals who may be applying for the first time?

Not having the categories this year is really helpful, because you aren't trying to shoehorn your project. I advise submitting a comprehensive solution for a client that was able to solve a specific problem they were facing. Some individuals who don't submit for a PEAK Award might be concerned that their product wasn't the best printed design; people may confuse this as a design award. But it's really more about the whole package and providing a solution.

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