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Posted by PSDA Headquarters on Apr 30, 2018 4:18:31 PM

2018 Technology ShowcaseCovering technology in our industry is challenging but fun — writers and editors who cover distributors and manufacturers try to nail down details of software providers and their systems, but it’s akin to throwing darts at dozens of constantly moving targets.

To keep that metaphor going, we could have loaded up on darts last month — more writer resources, more research, more demos, etc. — as PS Magazine prepared a special section on technology options available to distributors. We knew the section would be timely because so much is changing and advancing with e-commerce systems, operations management platforms, campaign management tools and other technology that benefits distributors and their clients.

Instead, though, we focused on slowing down the targets — we challenged software providers to pause, reflect on why their technology truly matters, and present their case with useful content to distributors. That content comprises the bulk of the 2018 Technology Showcase. If you want to approach new prospects with confidence, or arm clients with empowering e-commerce software, or increase the speed of your workflow procedures, or ensure better brand control, that link will match your eyeballs to answers.

It begins with a cool chart we created to help distributors quickly discern who does what in the technology space.

As we created the special section and read incoming content submitted by six sponsoring companies, we realized just how much our industry is energized this year by new technologies and empowering tools. And that’s a good thing, because forward-thinking distributors fighting for business need software to find, win and keep business.

Click, open and scan through the 2018 Technology Showcase.

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