Actionable Education: How Nick Sanders Benefited from PSDA's Dedicated CSR Program

Posted by PSDA Headquarters on Aug 3, 2018 11:40:21 AM

Customer service representatives are critical to the success of a distributor's business. That's why PSDA has created a custom program just for CSRs at the 2018 P2P Technology + Innovation Summit. The best part? PSDA covers the registration fee and two hotel nights. All you need to do is send your CSRs to Indianapolis, and we'll take care of the rest.

At this year's program, your CSRs will receive: 

  • 3 hours of CSR-specific education
  • The opportunity to build connections with fellow CSRs from leading distributorships across the country
  • Participation in meetings with key PSDA member manufacturers
  • Time to explore the latest products and services in the Exhibit Lounge
  • 1 keynote presentation

Read on to see how Nick Sanders, customer service representative for The SOLV Group, gained key takeaways at last year's program that he was able to put to work. 

Interested in sending your CSR to P2P this year, on us? Contact Martha O'Hanlon

What are some of the key things you learned from last year’s CSR event?

In one of the presentations, we discussed how to strengthen our relationship with the sales team and be able to work with unity and address the needs and issues that our customers may have. Another great module was about how to turn some of the more negative aspects we receive in the customer service realm and turn them into a strength, address them in a positive way.

How did you apply what you learned to your work?

I took some of the things I learned in the class about being more in unison with our sales staff and applied it directly with my sales people I work with here. I learned how to better communicate, and rather than getting frustrated, to be able to see it from the sales perspective to be able to compromise and make sure it’s a smoother process.

What did you find most valuable?

Aside from the classes, the interaction we had with vendors. It was very helpful to meet them and actually see the full scope of what they have to offer. There were a lot of vendors that we’ve used for specific items and that’s all we’ve ever done with that vendor because we had no idea the full range of what they had to offer. So to be able to see, feel and touch [their products], it’s helped us have a wider option when it comes to vendors.

Why would you recommend other CSRs attend this program?

It gives any CSR a chance to really learn more about the industry. I met several other CSRs who have been doing it for many years, and it gives everyone the chance to strengthen their understanding of what we as CSRs do and also the other positions that are within our various companies.

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