New Member Spotlight: DirectMail 2.0

Posted by Emma Frey on Nov 30, 2017 4:46:58 PM

Direct Mail 2.0Meet the company that's taking direct mail into the 21st century. DirectMail 2.0 — a new member of PSDA — is a marketing program designed to track the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns through multi-channel marketing with Google. The company offers mail tracking, call tracking and Google follow-up ads to any campaign. 

We caught up with Brad Kugler, CEO of DirectMail 2.0, to discuss what DirectMail 2.0 brings to the table, its pride points, and what it's most looking forward to as a PSDA member.

On what makes DirectMail 2.0 unique.

We provide a turnkey solution to printers and mailers that allows them to instantly delivery digital companion campaigns to their direct mail clients — one-stop shop!

On DirectMail 2.0's products and services.

We offer a suite of digital marketing solutions such as mail tracking, call tracking, Google Retargeting, Facebook and Instagram retargeting, as well as Social Match, where we delivery social media ads on FB and IG directly to those being targeted in the direct mail campaign at the same time as they receive the mail piece.

On what DirectMail 2.0 is most proud of.

We are most proud of our simple and easy to use platform that allows old-school printers and mailers to become digital marketing mavens in just a few hours!

On joining PSDA.

We're looking forward to meeting new people, discovering new services and learning how we can help the membership grow their businesses through the exchange of ideas and technology. We're excited to connect with industry and help to modernize it — bring it quickly and cheaply into the digital age.

For more information on DirectMail 2.0, visit their company website at

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