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Posted by Barbara O'Connor on Sep 27, 2016 12:45:00 PM

BOC.jpgIn August, loyal readers (hi, Mom!) will recall that I wrote about Apple's Health App and how measurement has dramatically increased the amount of running and walking I do. This month, my obsession is podcasts, which is what keeps me going on those walks and runs.

Anything you might interested in is covered in a podcast. For example, I was at a happy hour several weeks ago and one attendee told me that she spends her commute listening to analysis of every single episode of the television show "Beverly Hills 90210." A dear friend from high school is working her way through analysis of every episode of "The West Wing." There is something for everyone.

I love political analysis (this unusual political climate is fascinating), productivity (e.g., "Getting Things Done," "The Tim Ferriss Show"), stories (e.g, NPR's "Serial") and, most of all, interviews by curious people of interesting people (e.g., "Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin," "WTF with Marc Maron"). I have even been listening to an incredibly long, in-depth analysis of World War I by Dan Carlin on "Hardcore History."

If you are not currently listening to podcasts, try a few. If you are, I’d love to hear what you are listening to and to recommend a few to you. Email me at

My ruminations about the diversity of podcasts reminded me of what I thought when I attended my first association conference in 2003: There is a place for everyone. In my 13-plus years of experience, the best professional associations are communities of smart people who share a passion for their industry and love learning from and sharing with others who share a similar passion. PSDA exemplifies that. It is that passion that keeps our board, volunteers and staff team working so hard on behalf of our members. As the world evolves and new communities pop up, PSDA's leadership is challenged with finding fresh ways to engage and provide value to our members. (Needless to say, we've thought about a PSDA podcast.) My commitment to our members is that the board and staff team are experimenting and taking risks with the ultimate goal of driving value for our members.

As we plan for PSDA's new fiscal year, we have many ideas: how to increase the impact of the excellent content that appears in this magazine each month; how to help our members better identify, train and onboard new talent; how to help members develop strategies for continued, organic growth; and how to facilitate deeper partners among supply chain partners, etc.

My question to you: What do you want? What would you do if you were me? I'd love to hear from you. Generally when I pose questions in this column, people don't respond (I understand; I wouldn't, either), but I am particularly curious, so to add some incentive, I have two prizes that I will award to:

  1. The first person to email me with a response
  2. The best idea/response
Winners and prizes will be announced in a future column. I can't wait to hear from you.


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