Post-PEAK Life with MPX

Posted by Kelly Mantick on Jul 5, 2016 12:00:00 PM

PSDA member MPX lives and breathes innovation and creativity. From creating custom solutions for every customer that walks through its doors to winning numerous Print Excellence and Knowledge (PEAK) Awards, MPX encourages out-of-the-box thinking and more than off-the-shelf products. Tim Cole, chief customer officer at MPX, shares how the PEAK awards effectively showcased MPX's creative genius and led to new business wins.

"From our standpoint, everything we do for our customers is custom. We have off-the-shelf ideas and solutions, but there's a custom twist to everything that is based on customers' needs. We listen to their requirements, and our technical team and creative team implement the customized solution. The idea of applying for the PEAK Awards stemmed first from a need to get our applications on paper so we could later use them to market to new audiences. Even though it won't be the same product necessarily, we showcase our talent and what we can do.

From a recruiting standpoint, we display the awards in the lobby, and it's a nice conversation piece for those coming in who don't necessarily know what the PEAK Award is. We often have customers visit our building, and it's a nice impact to see the PEAK Awards when they walk in the front door. It gives them the feeling that we are a winning organization; we take pride in our work and come up with creative ideas. It is also fun for our staff. They take a lot of pride in what they do and the applications they create. They get to see that their creation worked and resonated with customers.

For those looking to submit for a PEAK Award, try to do a before and after, clarifying what the customer's situation was and why the application was needed. Look at it from a business standpoint, discussing why you did the work and the business outcomes that it generated. After that, it's easy to weave in the process improvements and the technology improvements incorporated throughout the project.


At MPX, we feel like we are in an incredibly competitive industry and someone out there is always knocking on the same doors we are. In all of our accounts, we expect to continually come up with new things; it's how we work, and it's part of our culture. Our employees feel good about this, because it's more fun to be innovative. Other professionals see us as people to collaborate and partner with rather than just buy from.

But staying creative takes a lot of work. We completely immerse ourselves not only in the print industry but in the four industry segments we focus on: health care/insurance, community banking, energy and telecommunications/utilities. We attend trade shows and glean best practices from each industry that applies to us. 

To that end, we are always seeking new ideas and fresh perspectives, and being a member of PSDA is a great forum for this. Over the years, we have gotten to know industry peers who we reconnect with to solve problems together. And certainly we have gotten business partners out of those relationships. There is a lot of talent in the industry and a lot of ways to do things. We excel at certain aspects of it, but we can't do it alone. We need to partner with others to get the solutions our customers need."

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