Winners Never Quit (Except Sometimes They Should)

Posted by Darin Painter on Sep 4, 2015 8:30:00 AM

I'd like to encourage you to please stop whatever you're doing!

No, I don't mean to quit what you're doing right now. I mean to stop that thing you keep doing at your company — the one that doesn't seem to be working and maybe was never a good idea. I want to encourage you to simply … quit.

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9 Ways to Earn a Seat at the Table

Posted by Dennis Pottebaum on Sep 3, 2015 6:18:45 PM

Ever have one of those days? Who am I kidding? If you are in the printing business, of course you have! It may have even been a week, a month or perhaps a year.

We are in an industry where 99 percent right is 100 percent wrong. You might have done a spectacular job of design, production, storage and distribution, and then discover that you missed a word and the entire job is wrong. You could service an account flawlessly for years, correcting their problems, improving design and process while lowering costs, and then lose the account over a few dollars when a new individual joins the clients' firm.

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Topics: Business Management


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